Whit Friday
Oldham & Saddleworth
Date of next contest 29th May 2015



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Photos from the 2002 Contests

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M_DSC00581 Dobcross Y.jpg (10347 bytes) M_DSC00583 Somerset.jpg (8108 bytes) M_DSC00587 Wardle Y a.jpg (9889 bytes) M_DSC00589 Pemberton Old.jpg (8438 bytes) M_DSC00590 Brighouse.jpg (9031 bytes)
Tracey White - Dobcross Youth Somerset Brass Dragon Wardle Youth Pemberton Old (Wigan) Brighouse & Rastrick
M_DSC00592 Dobcross Silver.jpg (9425 bytes) M_DSC00593 Dobcross Silver.jpg (10236 bytes) M_DSC00594 Shaw Youth.jpg (9999 bytes) M_DSC00599 Coleshill.jpg (9601 bytes) M_DSC00603 Manx.jpg (10347 bytes)
Crawshaw - Dobcross Silver
Dobcross Silver Shaw Youth Coleshill Town
- the ribbon is on Angela Parkes
Brian "Blow the Wind Southerly" Mitchell
- Manx Brass
M_DSC00608 Smithills a.jpg (9984 bytes) M_DSC00606 Smithills.jpg (10210 bytes) M_DSC00607 Smithills.jpg (9826 bytes) M_DSC00611 Diggle Trg.jpg (10217 bytes) M_DSC00609 Diggle Trg.jpg (9264 bytes)
Smithills School Smithills School Smithills School Matthew Harding
- Diggle Training Band
- Diggle Training Band
M_DSC00615 Marsden.jpg (8951 bytes) M_DSC00616 Marsden.jpg (8852 bytes) M_DSC00620 Whitchurch.jpg (9528 bytes) M_DSC00639 Lydgate.jpg (7194 bytes)
Marsden Silver
- Bernard Smith
Marsden Silver
- Laura Wood
Whitchurch Brass modelling the very latest style in designer bandswear Lydgate Band