Whit Friday
Oldham & Saddleworth
Date of next contest 14th June 2019



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2018 Prizes: 4th Section

Friday 25th May 2018

Please note that this information is accurate as far as is known but no liability is accepted for any errors.

Note: Figures in red are last or previous year's (this year's t.b.a.)

Venue Start Last Sign-In Prize-Money
Delph 4.15pm 10.30pm £150 Best non-championship band
      £150 3rd / 4th section before 9pm
Denshaw 4.00pm 10.30pm 1st: £100  
    2nd: £75  
      £100 Spot prize available to bands booking in between 8:00 and 9:30 pm
Diggle 4.00pm 10.30pm £150 3rd / 4th section
      £60 Best 4th section band which has not won any other prize
Friezland 4.30pm 10.30pm 1st: £100 3rd / 4th section
    2nd: £75 3rd / 4th section
      3rd: £50 3rd / 4th section
    4th: £25 3rd / 4th section
    £25 4th section
Greenfield 4.00pm 10.00pm 1st: £70 4th section and below
Registration opens for entries at 3.45
      2nd: £60  
      3rd: £50  
Grotton 4.00pm 10.00pm 1st: £150 3rd / 4th section
      2nd: £50  
Lees & 4.30pm 10.00pm 1st: £75  
Springhead     2nd: £50  
Lydgate 4.00pm 10.30pm 1st: £150  
      2nd: £100  
Scouthead & Austerlands 4.15pm 11.00pm 1st: £125
2nd: £75
Bands not allowed to march after 12:00 midnight
      2nd: £50  
Uppermill 4.00pm 10.30pm 1st: £65  

Other prizes for deportment etc.  Some contests offer prizes for the first band to play.