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Oldham & Saddleworth
Date of next contest 14th June 2019



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Prizes for Friday 25th June 2018

This information covers only the contests in the Oldham & Saddleworth area.

In addition to the main prizes (most of which are open to everyone), the contests offer separate prizes for different sections and a local or Saddleworth prize. The Friezland contest is open only to 3rd section, 4th section and youth bands. All offer a prize for youth bands.

Most contests offer a small deportment prize. Many offer something for the first band to play. Some contests offer soloist prizes.

Oldham & Saddleworth area prizes

Prizes are awarded for the best average ranking across any 6 of the Oldham & Saddleworth contests:

Delph Friezland (youth prize only) Lydgate
Denshaw Greenfield Scouthead & Austerlands
Diggle Grotton Uppermill
Dobcross Lees & Springhead  

For bands playing at 6 contests or more, their best 6 are averaged. In the event of a tie, a 7th contest is taken into account.

Please note that a band's ranking at a contest is it's position relative to all bands who played at that contest. So for instance, a band might win the youth prize at one contest and 2nd youth prize at another, but the second contest counts more if the band came 15th overall there and 20th at the first. A similar situation can arise with the prize winners for local bands.

Friezland contest does not count for the open and local area prizes because it is restricted to 3rd section, 4th section and youth bands. However, the Friezland results do count for the new area youth prize.

Please note that results at any unofficial contests will not count towards the area prizes.

Area Open Championship:

1st prize: 2,500
2nd prize: 1,000
3rd prize: 750

Local Area Championship:

(8 miles radius of Upermill)
1st prize: 750
2nd prize: 600
3rd prize: 400

The contests are sponsored by Oldham Council and generously supported by Navigation Brass.

Area Youth Championship:

1st prize: 250 + Haydn Bradbury Memorial Trophy