Whit Friday
Oldham & Saddleworth
Date of next contest 14th June 2019



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2001 Contest Winners

8th June 2001

A difficult year for the Whit Friday contests. First was the very worrying threat of Foot & Mouth disease. Then, two weeks before Whit Friday, race riots and burning cars in Oldham! Though the latter seemed to have calmed down completely, it was of course impossible to be absolutely certain that there wouldn't be any problem on the Friday evening. Because of this, the Roundthorn contest felt that they had to put the safety of the bandsmen and public above all else and so they very reluctantly decided to cancel this year's contest.

The weather: A mix of sunshine and clouds - showers in the morning but a dry afternoon and evening. A chilly breeze meant a lot of cold bandsmen towards the close.

There were 123 bands playing.


1st Prize Yorkshire Building Soc 48 bands played.
2nd Prize Navigation Brass
3rd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick
1st Section Blackburn & Darwen
2nd Section Hawk Green
3rd Section Diggle
4th Section Parr Band
Local Milnrow
Saddleworth 1: Dobcross Silver
Youth 1: Shirland Welfare Training Band
2: Shaw Youth
Deportment Shaw Youth
Sop Yorkshire Building Soc


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 61 bands played.
2nd Prize Fodens
3rd Prize Grimethorpe
Local Marsden
Saddleworth Dobcross Silver
Youth Rochdale Borough Youth
Henry Livings Marsden (participants in Whit Walks)


1st Prize Slaithwaite 50 bands played
2nd Prize Silk Brass
3rd Prize Eatons Farnworth
4th Prize St Sebastians (Wokingham)
Youth Rochdale Borough Youth
Local Diggle
Solo Cornet Parr
Bass Section Silk Brass
Deportment 1: Wardle Youth
2: Silk Brass


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick ?? bands played.
2nd Prize Fodens
3rd Prize Navigation Brass
2nd Section 1: Huddersfiel Brass Ensemble
2: Delph
3: Hade Edge
3rd Section 1: Diggle
2: Boarshurst
3: Hebden Bridge
4th Section 1: Shirland Welfare Training
2: Rivington & Adlington
3: Uppermill
Local 1: Marsden
2: Dobcross Silver
3: Diggle
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth
2: Wardle High
Cornet Fodens
Euphonium Brighouse & Rastrick
Deportment Uppermill


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 62 bands played.
2nd Prize Fodens
3rd Prize Yorkshire Building Soc
2nd Section 1: St Sebastians
2: Silk Brass
3rd Section 1: Tottington
2: Eaton Farnworth
4th Section 1: Jedforest
2: Farndon
3: Ellenbrook
Local 1: Boarshurst Youth
2: Diggle
Saddleworth 1: Boarshurst
2: Diggle
Youth Dobcross Youth
Solo Euphonium Brighouse & Rastrick
Solo Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick
Solo Award Diggle Training Band See below *
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary
Entertainment Wuss Brass

* Diggle Training Band came last at Greenfield. But the adjudicator was so impressed with their cornet player that he pursuaded the organisers to make a special solo cornet award to this band. The recipient is Jamie Hill.


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 46 bands played.
2nd Prize Fodens
3rd Prize Navigation Brass
4th Prize D.U.T. Yorkshire Imps
3rd/4th Section Timperley
Local 1: Stalybridge Old
2: Boarshurst
Youth 1: Shaw Youth
2: Wardle Youth
Solo Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary
Youth Deportment Wardle Youth


1st Prize Fodens ?? bands played.
2nd Prize Aunt Besses E Yorkshire
3rd Prize Oldham Brass 97
4th Prize Thorsbury Colliery
Local Delph 5 mile radius
4th Section / Youth Rochdale Borough Youth
Oldham Met Borough Dobcross Silver
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary


1st Prize Grimethorpe 54 bands played.
2nd Prize D.U.T. Yorkshire Imps Rothwell
3rd Prize Yorkshire Building Soc
4th Section Timperley
Saddleworth Dobcross Silver
Youth Smithills 83
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary
Youth Deportment Wardle Youth
Cornet D.U.T. Yorkshire Imps Rothwell
Euphonium D.U.T. Yorkshire Imps Rothwell
Horn Yorkshire Building Soc
Trombone Fodens
Sop Grimethorpe


- contest cancelled

Scouthead & Austerlands

Open Section: 1: Yorkshire Building Soc 60 bands played.
2: Fodens
3: Brighouse & Rastrick
2nd Section: 1: Tintwistle
2: Hawk Green (Marple)
3: Elland
3rd Section: 1: Diggle
2: Wyre Brass
3: Hebden Bridge
4th Section: 1: Parr (St Helens)
2: Shirland Training Band
3: Middleton
Local: 1: Marsden
2: Dobcross Silver
3: Blackley
Saddleworth: 1: Boarshurst
2: Delph
3: Uppermill
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth
2: Wardle Youth
3: Townley High School
Deportment Snr: Kirkbymoorside
Jnr: Rochdale Borough Youth
Solo Sop Cornet Yorkshire Building Soc
Euphonium Yorkshire Building Soc


1st Prize D.U.T. Yorkshire Imps 62 bands played.
2nd Prize Yorkshire Building Soc
3rd Prize Ebury
4th Prize Mossley
Local 1: Marsden
2: Tintwistle
3: Oldham Brass 97
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth
2: Dobcross Youth
3: Oldham Music Centre
Saddleworth (3rd/4th
section) Diggle
Solo Euphonium Yorkshire Building Soc
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary