Whit Friday
Oldham & Saddleworth
Date of next contest 14th June 2019



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2005 Contest Winners

20th May 2005

The weather: windy, cool, glimpses of sunshine between black clouds nut no rain.

There were 123 bands playing.


1st Prize Fodens 75 bands played.
2nd Prize Hepworth
3rd Prize Black Dyke
4th Prize Marsden
5th Prize YBS
6th Prize Vernon Building Soc
Local 1: Dobcross
2: Holme Silver
Saddleworth Delph
Best non-Championship
Best 3rd / 4th section Oldham Band Lees (before 9pm)
Youth 1: Sellers International Youth (before 9pm)
2: Rochdale Met Youth
Solo Marsden - Jason Evans
Sop Black Dyke
Euphonium Hepworth
Bass Section Hepworth


1st Prize Black Dyke 58 bands played
2nd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick
3rd Prize Hepworth
1st Section 1: Milnrow
2nd Section 1: Meltham & M
2:Silk Brass
3rd Section 1: Rainford Silver
2: Enfield & Potters Bar
4th Section 1: Uppermill
2: Royston
Local Holme Silver
Saddleworth 1: Dobcross
2: Diggle
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough
2: Shaw Youth
Snr Deportment Dungannon Silver
Jnr Deportment Tie: Dobcross Youth & Wardle Intermediate
Sop Black Dyke - Peter Roberts


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 47 bands played.
2nd Prize Dobcross Silver
3rd Prize Harrogate Brass
Local Oldham Band (Lees)
Saddleworth Diggle
Youth 1: Sellers Youth
2: Oldham Music Centre
Henry Livings Dobcross Silver (participants in Whit Walks)
Junior Soloist Sellers Youth
Junior Player Oldham Music Centre
Local Junior Soloist Dobcross Youth


1st Prize Wardle & District Anderson 43 bands played
2nd Prize Rochdale Youth
3rd Prize Flixton Band
4th Prize Oldham Band (Lees)
4th Section Oldham Band (Lees)
Youth 1: Rochdale Youth
2:Dobcross Youth
Local Oldham Band (Lees)
Solo Brindle Brass
Bass Section Flixton
Deportment 1: Dungannon
2: Brindle Brass


1st Prize Black Dyke 44 bands played
2nd Prize YBS
3rd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick
2nd Section 1: Boarshurst Silver
2: Diggle
3: Meltham & Meltham Mills
3rd Section 1: Slaithwaite
2: Grangemoor
3: Rainford Silver
4th Section 1: Greenfield
2: Uppermill
3: Oldham Band (Lees)
Local 1: Tintwistle
2: Marsden
3: Dobcross
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth
2: Dobcross Youth
Cornet Black Dyke
Euphonium YBS
Deportment Uppermill


1st Prize Black Dyke 68 bands played (record)
2nd Prize YBS
3rd Prize Brighouse &
2nd Section 1: Diggle
2: Wardle & Districk Prize awarded to higher
scoring 3rd section band
3rd Section 1: Grange Moor
2: St Sebastians Wokingham
4th Section 1: Tottington
2: Oldham Band (Lees)
3: Greenfield
Saddleworth 1: Diggle
2: Delph
Local 1: Diggle
2: Delph
Youth Rochdale Youth
Cornet Black Dyke
Euphonium Black Dyke
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary
Entertainment Wardle & District


1st Prize Black Dyke 41 bands played.
2nd Prize Brighouse
3rd Prize YBS
4th Prize Rothwell Temperence
1st Section 1: Marsden
2: St Keverne
2nd Section 1: Whitworth Vale & Healy Prize awarded to higher
2: Dodworth scoring 4th section band
3rd/4th Section Tottington
Local 1: Mossley
2:United Co-op Milnrow
Youth 1: Dobcross Youth
2: Boarshurst Youth
Solo YBS - Stuart Lingard
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary
Youth Deportment Wardle High School


1st Prize Black Dyke 43 bands played.
2nd Prize YBS
3rd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick
4th Prize Holme Silver
5th Prize Hepworth Persimon Homes
6th Prize Dobcross Silver
Local Ashton-Under-Lyne 5 mile radius
4th Section Cheshire Constabulary
Youth Rochdale Borough Youth
Oldham Met Borough Diggle
Deportment Rochdale Borough Youth
Youth Deportment 2nd Rossendale Scouts
Solo Black Dyke
Bass YBS


1st Prize Black Dyke 47 bands played.
2nd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick
3rd Prize Marple
2nd Section Silk Brass
3rd Section Dodworth Prize awarded to higher
scoring 4th section band
4th Section Tottington Public
Youth Boarshurst Youth
Saddleworth Dobcross Silver
Deportment Dobcross Silver
Youth Deportment Wardle High School
Brighouse & Rastrick
Euphonium Black Dyke
Bass section Black Dyke
Trombone Brighouse & Rastrick
Sop Black Dyke


1st Prize Dobcross Silver 33 bands played.
2nd Prize Ashton-Under-Lyne
3rd Prize Rothwell Temperence
2nd Section 1: Meltham & Meltham Mills
2: Silk Brass
3rd Section 1: Wardle & Anderson
2: Middleton
4th Section 1: Eaton Farnworth
2: Tottington Public
Local 1: Mossley
2: United NW Co-op
Youth 1: Wardle Intermediate
2: Mossley Hollins
3: Wardle Youth
Deportment 1: Dobcross Youth Intermediate
2: Mossley Hollins

Scouthead & Austerlands

Open Section: 1: Rothwell Temperence 63 bands played.
2: Ashton-Under-Lune
3: Hepworth
1st Section: 1: Marsden
2: Tintwistle
3: Blackburn & Darwen
2nd Section: 1: St Keverne
2: Greenalls
3: Silk Brass
3rd Section: 1: Whitworth Vale & Healey
2: Grange Moor
3: BMP Europe Goodshaw
4th Section: 1: St Johns Mossley
2: Dodworth
3: Cheshire Constabulary
Local: 1: Dobcross Silver
2: Holme Silver
3: Oldham (Lees)
Saddleworth: 1: Diggle
2: Uppermill
3: Friezland
Youth 1: Oldham Music Centre
2: Wardle High School
3: Shaw Youth Correction
Deportment Dobcross Silver
Jun Deportment Dobcross Iintermediate
Sop Ashton-Under-Lyne
Other Solo Hepworth (Solo cornet)


1st Prize Fodens 66 bands played.
2nd Prize Black Dyke
3rd Prize Hepworth
4th Prize Brighouse & Rastrick
Local 1: Marsden
2: Diggle
3: Utd Co-op Milnrow
Youth 1: 2nd Rossendale Scouts
2: Rochdale Borough Youth
3: Wardle High School Youth Band
Saddleworth Dobcross Silver
Saddleworth 4th Section Uppermill
Euphonium Black Dyke
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary