Whit Friday
Oldham & Saddleworth
Date of next contest 14th June 2019



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2007 Contest Winners

1st June 2007

The weather: pleasant, warm, sunny, some cloud.

There were 144 bands playing.

Oldham & Saddleworth Area Prize

1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
2nd Prize Hepworth  
3rd Prize Marsden Silver  
Local 1: United Co-Op Milnrow (8 mile radius of Uppermill)
2: Diggle  
3: Mossley  
Youth Rochdale Borough Youth  


1st Prize Black Dyke 78 bands played.
2nd Prize Marsden Silver (Ossett Brewery)  
3rd Prize Foden’s Richardson  
4th Prize Rothwell Temperance  
5th Prize Hepworth (Lansom Homes)  
6th Prize Bactiguard Wire Brass  
Local 1: Mossley  
  2: Delph  
Saddleworth Dobcross Youth  
Best non-Championship Tie: Lindley & Roberts' Bakery  
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth (before 9pm)
  2: Oldham Music Centre  
Solo Cornet Marsden Silver  
Sop Cornet Hepworth  
Euphonium Bactiguard Wire Brass  
Bass Section Black Dyke  



1st Prize Black Dyke 57 bands played.
2nd: Brighouse & Rastrick  
3rd Prize Yorkshire Building Soc correction
4thPrize Hepworth correction
1st section 1: Pennine Brass  
  2: Lindley  
2nd Section 1: The Alexander Band Norway  
  2: Rainford  
3rd Section 1: Whitworth Vale & Healey  
  2: Dodworth Colliery  
4th Section 1: Shaw & Crompton  
  2: Camping & Caravan Club  
Local Mossley  
Saddleworth 1: Uppermill  
  2: Delph  
Youth 1: Boarshurst Youth  
  2: Tewitt Youth  
Snr Deportment Uppermill  
Jnr Deportment Boarshurst Youth  
Sop Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick  


1st Prize Hepworth 61 bands played
2nd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
3rd Prize Sellers Int  
Local Marsden Silver  
Saddleworth Diggle  
Youth 1: Dobcross Youth  
  2: Boarshurst Youth  
Henry Livings Marsden Silver participants in Whit Walks
Junior Soloist Tewit Youth  
Junior Player Dobcross Youth  
Local Junior Soloist Dobcross Youth  


1st Prize Flixton 50 bands played.
2nd Prize Greenfield  
3rd Prize Dodworth Colliery  
4th Prize Uppermill  
4th Section Greenfield Correction
Youth 1: Dobcross  
  2: Wardle High Senior  
Local Greenfield  
Solo Cornet Emley Brass  
Bass Section Innovate Skelmansthorpe  
Deportment 1: Wardle High Senior  
  2: Emley Brass  


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 48 bands played.
2nd Prize Hepworth record)
3rd Prize Black Dyke  
2nd Section 1: Greenalls    
  2: The Alexander Band Norway  
  3: Boarshurst Silver  
3rd Section 1: Oldham Band (Lees)  
  2: Flixton  
  3: Rivlington & Adlington  
4th Section 1: Uppermill  
  2:Farnworth & Walkden  
  3: Greenfield  
Local 1: Milnrow Correction
  2: Marsden Correction
  3: Oldham Band (Lees) Correction
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth  
  2: Oldham Music Centre  
Cornet Hepworth  
Euphonium Brighouse & Rastrick  
Deportment Boobs & Brass  


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 67 bands played.
2nd Prize Yorkshire Building Soc  
1st Section 1: Meltham  
  2: St Keverne  
2nd Section 1: Wardle & District  
  2: Valley Brass  
3rd Section 1: Emley  
  2: Tottington  
4th Section 1: Greenfield  
  2: Skelmanthorpe  
  3: Uppermill  
Local 1: Diggle  
  2: Delph  
Saddleworth 1: Diggle  
  2: Delph  
Local 4th section Greenfield  
Youth Oldham Music Centre  
Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick  
Euphonium Brighouse & Rastrick  
Deportment M G Root (Switzerland)  
Entertainment Tie: Emley & Boobs & Brass  


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 50 bands played.
2nd Prize Black Dyke  
3rd Prize Alex Finch Group, Stocksbridge  
4th Prize Marsden Silver Ossett Brewery  
1st Section 1:United Co-Op Yorkshire  
  2: St Keverne  
2nd Section 1: Rainford  
  2: Dodworth  
3rd/4th Section 1: Mercia Brass  
  2: Oldham Band (Lees)  
Local 1: United Co-Op Milnrow  
  2: Diggle  
Youth 1: Oldham Music Centre  
  2: 2nd Rossendale Scout Group  
Cornet Alex Finch Group, Stocksbridge  
Sop Cornet United Co-Op Yorkshire  
Deportment Kippax  
Youth Deportment 2nd Rossendale Scout Group  


1st Prize Hepworth 50 bands played
2nd Prize Fairey  
3rd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
4th Prize Sellers International  
1st Section 1: United Co-Op Yorkshire  
  2: Haslington & Helmshore  
2nd Section 1: Wardle & District Anderson  
  2: The Alexander Band, Norway  
3rd Section 1: Bakewell Silver  
  2: Oldham Band Lees  
4th Section 1: Farnworth & Walkden Correction
  2: Innovate Skelmanthorpe B Correction
Local Mossley 5 mile radius
Oldham Met Borough Delph  
Youth 1: Smithhills School Snr  
  2: Rochdale Borough Youth  
Deportment Wardle & District Anderson  
Youth Deportment Rochdale Borough Youth  
Solo Cornet Hepworth  
Bass Brighouse & Rastrick  
Euphonium Hepworth  


1st Prize Black Dyke 66 bands played.
2nd Prize Marsden Silver Ossett (record)
3rd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
1st Section Alex Finch Group, Stocksbridge  
2nd Section Oldham Band (Lees) Prize awarded to 3rd section band
3rd Section Witney Town  
4th Section Uppermill  
Saddleworth Diggle  
Youth 1: Oldham Music Centre  
  2: Enderby Youth  
Deportment S Yorkshire Police  
Youth Deportment Wardle High Senior  
Trombone Sellers Int  
Sop Cornet Black Dyke  
Cornet Black Dyke  
Euphonium Black Dyke  
Bass Black Dyke  

Scouthead & Austerlands

Open Section: 1: Hepworth 74 bands played
  2: United Co-Op Milnrow (record)
  3: Diggle  
  4: Silk Brass Macclesfield  
1st Section: 1: United Co-Op Yorkshire correction
  2: Shepherd Group Brass correction
  3: St Keverne correction
2nd Section: 1: The Alexander Band, Norway  
  2: M G Root, Switzerland  
  3: Greenalls  
3rd Section: 1: Elland Silver  
  2: Oldham Band (Lees)  
  3: Emley Brass  
4th Section: 1: Farnworth & Walkden  
  2: Linthwaite  
  3: Royston  
Local: 1: Marsden  
  2: Mossley  
  3: Meltham & Meltham Mills  
Saddleworth: 1: Boarshurst  
  2: Uppermill  
  3: Tie: Boarshurst Youth & Lydgate  
Youth 1: Smithills School  
  2: Wardle High School  
  3: Shirland  
Deportment St Keverne  
Jun Deportment Wardle High  
Sop Cornet Hepworth  
Cornet Hepworth  
Bass Silk Brass Macclesfield  


1st Prize Hepworth 59 bands played.
2nd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
3rd Prize Wyre Brass  
4th Prize Brass Fix UK Kidlington  
Local 1: Milnrow  
  2: Mossley  
  3: Marsden  
Youth 1: Rossendale Scouts  
  2: Rochdale Borough Youth  
  3: Oldham Music Centre  
Saddleworth Uppermill  
4th Section Royston Town  
Euphonium Brighouse & Rastrick  
Deportment M G Root, Switzerland