Whit Friday
Oldham & Saddleworth
Date of next contest 14th June 2019



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2012 Contest Winners

1st June 2012

The weather:

Perfect - the sun came out as the contest started, dry, gentle breeze.

There were 125 bands playing.

Oldham & Saddleworth Area Prize

1st Prize Black Dyke  
2nd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
3rd Prize Marsden Silver  
Local 1: Oldham Band (Lees) (8 mile radius of Uppermill)
2: Milnrow Band  
3: Delph Band  
Youth 2nd Rossendale Scouts  

See here for how the results are aggregated to determine the area prize winners.


1st Prize Black Dyke 81 bands played.
2nd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
3rd Prize Marsden Silver  
4th Prize Grimethorpe Colliery  
5th Prize Milnrow  
6th Prize Hammonds Saltaire  
7th Prize Cecilia Chemignon (Switzerland)  
Local 1: Delph  
  2: Diggle  
Saddleworth Tie: Dobcross Silver / Diggle  
Best non-Championship Salvo Brass  
3rd/4th Section Elland Silver (before 9pm)
Youth 1: 2nd Rossendale Scouts (before 9pm)
  2: Tewit Youth  
Cornet Black Dyke  
Sop Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick  
Euphonium Marsden Silver  
Bass Section Black Dyke  
Trombones Milnrow  
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary  



1st Prize Black Dyke 52 bands played.
2nd: Brighouse & Rastrick  
3rd Prize Rothwell Temperance  
1st section 1: Rainford Band  
  2: Oldham Band (Lees)  
2nd Section 1: Lindley Band  
  2: Asen Höga Brass Band  
3rd Section 1: Whitworth Vale & Healey  
  2: Huddersfield & Ripponden  
4th Section 1: Parr Band (St Helens)  
  2: Newhall Band  
Local Milnrow  
Saddleworth 1: Delph Band  
  2: Uppermill  
Youth 1: Wardle Youth  
  2: Tewit Youth  
Sop Cornet Black Dyke  
Bass section Black Dyke  
Spot prize Salvo Brass available to bands booked in between 8:00 - 9:30 pm


1st Prize Black Dyke 50 bands played.
2nd: Prize Rothwell Temperance  
3rd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
1st/2nd section Emmental  
3rd/4th Section Musik Frohsinn Oberburg  
4th Section Markham Main Colliery which has not won other prize
Saddleworth Delph  
Youth Wardle High School  
Best Band on the March Silk Brass  
Sop Cornet Black Dyke  
Cornet Wardle High School  
Euphonium Rothewell Temperance  
Solo (non Championship) Rainford  
Bass section Black Dyke  


1st Prize Fairey 65 bands played.
2nd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
3rd Prize Black Dyke  
Local Marsden Silver  
Saddleworth Diggle  
Youth 1: Oldham Music Centre  
  2. Smithills Snr  
Henry Livings Marsden Silver participants in Whit Walks
Junior Soloist Dobcross Youth (cornet)  
Junior Player Dobcross Youth (cornet)  
Local Junior Soloist Oldham Music Centre (cornet)  
Youth sop cornet Smithills  


1st Prize Elland Silver 40 bands played.
2nd Prize Musik Frohsinn Oberburg  
3rd Prize Cheshire Constabulary  
4th Prize Emley Brass Band  
4th Section Sale Brass  
Youth 1: Tewit Youth  
  2: Wardle High  
Local Greenfield  
Solo Cornet Linthwaite  
Bass Section Rochdale Borough Youth  
Deportment 1: Musik Frohsinn Oberburg  
  2: Cheshire Constabulary  


1st Prize Black Dyke 43 bands played
2nd Prize Rothwell  
3rd Prize Hepworth  
2nd Section 1: Delph  
  2: York Railway Institute  
  3: Uppermill  
3rd Section 1: Boarshurst Silver  
  2: Whitworth Vale & Healey  
  3: Emley  
4th Section 1: Parr St Helens  
  2: Greenfield  
  3: Lees  
Local 1: Oldham (Lees)  
  2: Marsden  
  3: Diggle  
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth  
  2: 2nd Rossendale Scouts  
Cornet Hepworth  
Euphonium Black Dyke  
Deportment Chermagnon (Switzerland)  
Youth Deportment Rochdale Borough Youth  


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 60 bands played.
2nd Prize Milnrow  
3rd Prize Marsden Silver  
1st Section 1: Emmental (Switzerland)  
  2: Yorkshire Imps  
2nd Section 1: Dobcross Silver  
  2: Uppermill  
3rd Section 1: Cheshire Constabulary  
  2: Boarshurst Silver  
4th Section 1: Yarwell & Nassington  
  2: Greenfield  
  3: Ellenbrook & Boothstown  
Local Uppermill  
Saddleworth Dobcross Silver  
Local 4th section / below Greenfield  
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth  
  2: Smithills School  
Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick  
Euphonium Brighouse & Rastrick  
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary  
Entertainment Bramley  


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 46 bands played.
2nd Prize Oldham Band Lees  
3rd Prize Marsden Silver  
4th Prize Yorkshire Imps  
1st Section 1: Delph  
  2: Lindley  
2nd Section 1: Denham Hendon  
  2: Uppermill  
3rd/4th Section 1: Musik Frohsinn Oberburg  
  2: Emley Brass Band  
Local 1: Milnrow
  2: Lees  
Youth 1: Tewit Youth  
  2: Oldham Music Centre  
Cornet Yotkshire Imps  
Sop Cornet Lydgate  
Deportment Chermignon  
Youth Deportment Tewit Youth  


1st Prize Black Dyke 49 bands played.
2nd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
3rd Prize Oldham Band (Lees)  
1st Section 1: Oldham Band (Lees)  
  2: Rainford  
2nd Section 1: Delph  
  2: Flixton  
3rd Section 1: Farnworth & Walkden  
  2: Boarshurst Silver  
4th Section 1: Sale Brass  
  2: Parr St Helens  
Local Oldham Band (Lees) 5 mile radius
Oldham Met Borough Delph  
Youth 1: Smithills School Snr
  2: Oldham Music Centre
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary  
Solo Cornet Black Dyke  
Euphonium Black Dyke  


1st Prize Black Dyke 62 bands played.
2nd Prize Hepworth  
3rd Prize Milnrow  
1st Section 1: Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel  
  2: Oldham Band (Lees)
2nd Section 1: City of Bradford Brass  
  2: Eccleston
3rd Section 1: Boarshurst Silver  
  2: Cheshire Constabulary  
4th Section 1: BMP Europe Goodshaw Band Correction *
  2: University of Warwick  
Local 1: Milnrow Correction *
  2: Oldham Band (Lees) Correction *
Youth 1: Dobcross Youth  
  2: Tewit  
Deportment Chermignon, Switzerland  
Youth Deportment Tewit Youth  
Cornet Tie: Black Dyke & Pemberton Old Wigan  
Sop Cornet Black Dyke  
Euphonium Pemberton Old Wigan  
Trombone Black Dyke  
Bass Pemberton Old Wigan  

* Lydgate contest no longer open the 4th section prize to any un-registered bands and the definition of local bands has changed.

Scouthead & Austerlands

Open Section: 1: Hepworth 58 bands played.
  2: Marsden Silver  
  3: Rainford  
  4: Oldham Band Lees  
1st Section: 1: Diggle  
  2: Bedworth  
  3: Frickerley South Emsall  
2nd Section: 1: Conerstone Brass  
  2: Dennham Hendon  
  3: Flixton  
3rd Section: 1: Musik Frohsinn Oberburg  
  2: Whitworth Vale  
  3: Elland Silver  
4th Section: 1: Greenfield  
  2: Pfaffnau Correction
  3: Cleethorpes Correction
Local: 1: Milnrow  
  2: Uppermill  
  3: Diggle B  
Saddleworth: 1: Delph  
  2: Dobcross Youth  
  3: Lydgate  
Youth 1: Smithills School  
  2: Shirland Training  
  3: Tewit  
Deportment Musik Frohsinn Oberburg  
Jun Deportment Tewit Youth  
Sop Cornet Hepworth  
Soloist (cornet) Hepworth  
Bass Section Concord (Denmark)  


1st Prize Fodens 53 bands played.
2nd Prize Marsden Silver  
3rd Prize Hepworth  
4th Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
Local 1: Delph  
  2: Olham Band (Lees)  
1st Section Silk Brass  
2nd Section Asenhöga (Sweden)  
3rd Section Musik Frohsinn Oberburg  
4th Section Amersham Band  
Youth 1: Wardle Youth  
  2: Tewit Youth  
Saddleworth Dobcross Silver  
Deportment Musik Frohsinn Oberburg  
Local Deportment Delph Band  
Soloist Fodens