Whit Friday
Oldham & Saddleworth
Date of next contest 14th June 2019



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2013 Contest Winners

24th May 2013

The weather:

Rain from 4:30 to 5:30 then gradually improving throughout the evening, with even the odd spell of sunshine. Chilly, though.

There were 126 bands playing.

Oldham & Saddleworth Area Prize

1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
2nd Prize Fairey Band  
3rd Prize Leyland Band  
Local 1: Marsden 'The Yorkshire Tea Band' (8 mile radius of Uppermill)
2: Milnrow Band  
3: The Oldham Band (Lees)  
Youth Tewit Youth Band  

See here for how the results are aggregated to determine the area prize winners.


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 80 bands played.
2nd Prize Rothwell Temperance  
3rd Prize SHB  
4th Prize City of Bradford  
5th Prize Hepworth  
6th Prize Marsden  
7th Prize Wardle Anderson Brass  
Local 1: Diggle  
  2: Delph  
Saddleworth Uppermill  
Best non-Championship Hebden Bridge  
3rd/4th Section Parr St Helens (before 9pm)
Youth 1: Tewit Youth (before 9pm)
  2: 2nd Rossendale Scouts  
Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick  
Sop Cornet Rothwell Temperance  
Euphonium SHB  
Bass Section Brighouse & Rastrick  
Trombones City of Bradford  
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary  


1st Prize Hepworth Band 60 bands played (record)
2nd: Rainford Band  
3rd Prize Concord Band (Denmark)  
1st section 1: Longridge Band  
  2: City of Bradford Band Correction
2nd Section 1: Whitworth Vale & Healey Band  
  2: Eccleston Brass Band  
3rd Section 1: Amersham Band  
  2: Parr (St Helens) Band  
4th Section 1: City of Chester Band  
  2: West Coast Brass  
Local Oldham Band (Lees)  
Saddleworth 1: Uppermill Band  
  2: Diggle Band  
Youth 1: Tewit Youth Band  
  2: Wardle High Youth Band  
Sop Cornet Hepworth Band  
Bass section Hepworth Band  
Spot prize 2nd Rossendale Scouts  


1st Prize Leylanf 55 bands played.
2nd: Prize Fairey  
3rd Prize Milnrow  
1st/2nd section Uppermill  
3rd/4th Section Amersham  
4th Section Oughtibridge which has not won other prize
Saddleworth Delph  
Holden cup Oldham Band (Lees) Registered band, 10km radius of Diggle Band Club
Youth 2nd Rossendale Scouts  
Best Band on the March Knutwil  
Sop Cornet Fairey  
Cornet Leyland  
Euphonium Leyland  
Solo non Championship) Uppermill  
Bass section Leyland  


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 60 bands played
2nd Prize Fairey  
3rd Prize Hepworth  
Local Milnrow  
Saddleworth Diggle  
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth  
  2. Enderby Youth  
Henry Livings participants in Whit Walks
Junior Soloist  
Junior Player  
Local Junior Soloist  
Youth sop cornet  


1st Prize Golbourne 42 bands played.
2nd Prize Darwen Brass  
3rd Prize Littleborough  
4th Prize Parr St Helens  
4th Section Greenfield  
Youth 1: Wardle High Youth  
  2: Tewit youth  
Local Greenfield  
Solo Cornet Brindle  
Bass Section Shirland Youth  
Deportment 1: 2nd Rossendale Scouts  
  2: Tewit youth  
Entertainment Wardle High Youth  


1st Prize Hepworth 49 bands played (record)
2nd Prize SHB  
3rd Prize Brighouse & Rastrick  
2nd Section 1: Cornerstone Brass  
  2: Delph  
  3: Lindley  
3rd Section 1: Boarshurst  
  2: Littleborough  
  3: LGB Brasss  
4th Section 1: Greenfield  
  2: West Coast Brass  
  3: Stacksteads  
Local 1: Marsden  
  2: Uppermill  
  3: Diggle  
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth  
  2: Oldham Music Centre  
Cornet Leyland  
Euphonium Brighouse & Rastrick  
Deportment Brass Band Breitenbach  
Youth Deportment 2nd Rossendale Scouts  
Crowd's Favourite Emley Most entertaining street march


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 66 bands played.
2nd Prize Fairey  
3rd Prize Leyland  
1st Section 1: Hebden Bridge  
  2: Wardle Anderson Brass  
2nd Section 1: Elland  
  2: Boarshurst (3rd section band)
3rd Section 1: Goldbourne (4th section band)
  2: Lees  
4th Section 1: Greenfield  
  2: Sale  
  3: City of Chester  
Local Uppermill  
Saddleworth Diggle  
Local 4th section / below Lees  
Youth 1: Rochdale Borough Youth  
  2: Shirlan Youth  
Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick  
Euphonium Brighouse & Rastrick  
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary  
Entertainment Hade Edge  


1st Prize Oldham Band (Lees) 48 bands played.
2nd Prize Uppermill  
3rd Prize Hebden Bridge  
4th Prize Carlton Main Colliery  
1st Section 1: Chiltern Hills  
  2: Parr Band St Helens  
2nd Section 1: Lostock Hall Memorial  
  2: University of Warwick (4th section band)
3rd/4th Section 1: Westcoast  
  2: Nelson Brass  
Local 1: Milnrow
  2: Lees Band  
Youth 1: Dobcross Youth  
  2: 2nd Rossendale Scouts  
Cornet Chiltern Hills Brass  
Sop Cornet 2nd Rossendale Scouts  
Deportment Brighouse & Rastrick  
Youth Deportment Tewit Youth Band  

Lees & Springhead

1st Prize Leyland Band 46 bands played.
2nd Prize Fairey Band  
3rd Prize Hepworth  
1st Section 1: Oldham Band (Lees)  
  2: Silk Brass  
2nd Section 1: York Railway Institute Band  
  2: Delph Band  
3rd Section 1: Golborne  
  2: Wotton Silver Band  
4th Section 1: Lees Band  
  2: West Coast Brass  
Local Ashton-under-Lyne 5 mile radius
Oldham Met Borough Oldham Band (Lees)  
Youth 1: Tewit Youth Band  
  2: Rochdale Borough Youth  
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary  
Solo Cornet Brighouse & Rastrick  
Euphonium Fairey Band  


Please see statement by Lydgate Contest Committee regarding changes to prize-winners.

1st Prize Fairey 64 bands played.
2nd Prize Leyland  
3rd Prize Marsden 'The Yorkshire Tea Band'  
1st Section 1: City of Bradford  
  2: Hebden Bridge Further correction
2nd Section 1: Elland Silver Correction (see above)
  2: MG Konkordia Aedermannsdorf Correction (see above)
3rd Section 1: Darwen Brass Correction (see above)
  2: Littleborough Correction (see above)
4th Section 1: University of Warwick Correction (see above)
  2: Deepcar Brass Correction (see above)
Local 1: Delph 4m radius of Uppermill
  2: Lees
Youth 1: Oldham Music Centre Youth Brass  
  2: Wardle High Youth  
Deportment Kirby Moorside  
Youth Deportment Wardle High Youth  
Cornet SHB  
Sop Cornet Marsden 'The Yorkshire Tea Band'  
Euphonium Fairey  
Trombone Fairey  
Bass Fairey  

Scouthead & Austerlands

Open Section 1: Brighouse & Rastrick 65 bands played
  2: Fairey  
  3: Hepworth  
  4: Rainford  
1st Section 1: Oldham Band (Lees)  
  2: Silk Brass Correction
  3: City of Bradford Correction
2nd Section 1: Cornerstone Brass  
  2: Brass Band Breitenbach  
  3: Elland Silver  
3rd Section 1: Amersham  
  2: Cleethorpes  
  3: Tie: Littleborough
& Lostock Hall
4th Section 1: Sale Brass  
  2: Greenfield
  3: Leicester
Local 1: Marsden Silver  
  2: Milnrow  
  3: Uppermill  
Saddleworth 1: Delph  
  2: Diggle  
  3: Diggle B  
Youth 1: Rochdale Youth  
  2: Tewit Youth  
  3: Dobcross Youth  
Deportment Cheshire Constabulary  
Jun Deportment Tewit Youth  
Sop Cornet Fairey  
Soloist (cornet) Hepworth  
Bass Section Brighouse & Rastrick  


1st Prize Brighouse & Rastrick 56 bands played.
2nd Prize Leyland Band  
3rd Prize Milnrow Band  
4th Prize Rothwell Temperance Band  
Local Diggle Band  
1st Section Wardle Anderson Brass Band  
2nd Section Delph Band  
3rd Section Amersham Band  
4th Section Banovallum Brass  
Youth Shirland WT Band  
Saddleworth Uppermill Band  
Deportment Brighouse & Rastrick  
Local Deportment Dobcross Youth  
Soloist Brighouse & Rastrick euphonium